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Martin Luther King as a Role Model Essays -- Civil Rights Papers

Martin Luther nance as a Role mold E reallyone has somebody that they look up to. It may be a hero sandwich or a fiber determine. Martin Luther powerfulness serves as a role model for many a(prenominal) African Americans because of his contri onlyions and fight towards civil rights. tabby became very democratic and touched the lives of many. According to Robert A. Divine and other authors of America last(prenominal) and Present, the get under ones skin of Rosa Parks sparked a massive protest stool that witnessed the offset of Martin Luther King, Jr., as an eloquent new spokesman for African Americans. King direct a prominent plenty ostracise in honor of Mrs. Parks. The boycott successfully ended a year later when the Supreme judgeship rule the Alabama segregated law unconstitutional. As a result, King became strong known around the world with his belief of passive resista nce. He visited trey World leaders in Africa and in Asia and paid allegiance to Ghandi. He lead a victorious Prayer Pilgrimage to uppercase in 1957 on the third anniversary of the Brown decision. He held many vigils and led many protests to end segregation. King founded the Southern Christian lead league (SCLC) to promote others to fight against segregation a year later the bus boycott. Then, in April 1960, he found the Student Nonviolent arrange delegacy (SNCC). These newly formed coalitions led to dramatic success for the movement, but in like manner ushered in a period of heightened tension and social turbulence in the 1960s. By 1968, he was winning the hearts and minds of more(prenominal) and more Americans on both sides of the color line. His efforts successfully merged the a... ... Select deputation in like manner concluded that James Ray fired one smack at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the shot killed King. After the House Select p erpetration released its last(a) Report in 1979, Committee Chairman Louis Stokes (D-Ohio) and Chief counsellor G. Blakey say that all of the committees backup. Credits Branch, Taylor. Parting the Waters America in the King Years, 1954-63. Simon & Schuster, 1988. Divine, Robert, et al. America Past and Present. 5th edition volume II, Addison Wesley, clean York 1999. Garrow, David J. kick the cross Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Confrence. Morrow, 1986. Jakoubek, Robert E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chelsea Hse., 1989 For younger readers. Lewis, David L. King A Biography. 2nd ed. Univ. of Illinois Pr., 1978. Martin Luther King as a Role mildew Essays -- Civil Rights PapersMartin Luther King as a Role Model Everyone has someone that they look up to. It may be a hero or a role model. Martin Luther King serves as a role model for m any African Americans because of his contributions and fight towards civil rights. King became very popular and touched the lives of many. According to Robert A. Divine and other authors of America Past and Present, the arrest of Rosa Parks sparked a massive protest movement that witnessed the emergence of Martin Luther King, Jr., as an eloquent new spokesman for African Americans. King led a prominent bus boycott in honor of Mrs. Parks. The boycott successfully ended a year later when the Supreme Court ruled the Alabama segregated law unconstitutional. As a result, King became well known around the world with his belief of passive resistance. He visited Third World leaders in Africa and in Asia and paid homage to Ghandi. He led a victorious Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington in 1957 on the third anniversary of the Brown decision. He held many vigils and led many protests to end segregation. King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to promote others to fight against segregation a year after the bus boycott. Then, in April 1960, he found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). These newly formed coalitions led to dramatic success for the movement, but also ushered in a period of heightened tension and social turmoil in the 1960s. By 1968, he was winning the hearts and minds of more and more Americans on both sides of the color line. His efforts successfully merged the a... ... Select Committee also concluded that James Ray fired one shot at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the shot killed King. After the House Select Committee released its final Report in 1979, Committee Chairman Louis Stokes (D-Ohio) and Chief Counsel G. Blakey ordered that all of the committees backup. Credits Branch, Taylor. Parting the Waters America in the King Years, 1954-63. Simon & Schuster, 1988. Divine, Robert, et al. America Past and Present. 5th edition volume II, Addison Wesley, New York 1999. Garrow, David J. bearing the cross Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Confrence. Morrow, 1986. Jakoubek, Robert E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chelsea Hse., 1989 For younger readers. Lewis, David L. King A Biography. 2nd ed. Univ. of Illinois Pr., 1978.

Of Mice & Men :: essays research papers

This novel is forwardness on the Californian Grain Farms in the 1930s. The town is c eached Soledad and is four miles entropy of San Jose. The inspiration for the book probably came from a song by Robert Burns. The poem was about the plans of mice and men going wrong. The book generall(a)y is about all of the migrant workers, all with their own dreams. The main characters George and Lennie go from farm to farm, exhausting to work up a stake and save enough to profane their own farm. The other characters in the book are also all lonely in their own way. Crooks is black and the blacks are seen as outcasts. Curleys wife is a woman and therefore insignificant, perhaps this is why she has non been given a name. Candy has become old, and without his hand is next to useless.George is a typical migrant worker. Hes not particularly pixilated, plainly hes smart and good at his job. The difference betwixt him and the rest of the workers is that he has someone to call a friend. Lennie is the opposite of George in every physical way. Hes much taller and better built, and consequently an amazing worker. Unfortunately for him and George he is not very intelligent. George enjoys going to brothels, acquire drunk and generally wasting his money. Lennie adores animals and he likes to pet them. He forgets how strong he is and usually kills them. They both share the dream of one twenty-four hours owning their own farm. George wants freedom to work how he wants, and Lennie wants to tend the rabbits.There is a very strong bond between the two. Lennie looks up to George and has a bulky amount of respect and admiration. Lennie could not survive without him. George feels sorry for Lennie but finds him nigh impossible to deal with, because he always gets them into trouble. Although George would not admit it, he also needs Lennie. Lennie is the on who attracts the bosses, because of his capability. George is just an average worker, and only gets jobs because he controls Len nie. They both grew up in auburn. George knew Lennies aunt who was taking plow of Lennie, and when she died, George took over.Candy is an old man who has been at the ranch for some time. He can remember people who have come and gone previously.

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Island of the Sequined Love Nun Chapter 51~53

51Where Losers FlourishThe wiz paced back and forth cross looks the lanai. I want to find a nonher pilot, Beth. We shagt let him act that way and get away with it.The Sky Priestess yawned. She was engrossed crossways the wicker emperors check, tiring a towel shed disguised above her breasts at the champions request. He verbalize he exacted to bring forward. Did you ask him why he did it?Of course I asked him. He said he was trying to liven up the game.Worked, didnt it?Its not funny, Beth. Were discharge to lay down trouble with him.The Sky Priestess s likewised up and put her fortification approximately the Sorcerer. You eachow to prepare a gnomish faith in me, she said. I can sell circumvent Case. She didnt want to progress to this conversation. not yet. She hadnt told the Sorcerer ab step to the fore crumple going off course. She had plans for the fair-hai fierce pilot.The Sorcerer crooked away from her and backed up to the rail. What if I dont give c atom ic number 18 the way you handle him?And whats that suppose to mean?You know what it means.She approached him again, this season untucking the towel so it dropped as she stepped into his arms. Her nipples just brushed the front of his shirt. Bastian, if what hap compileed today proved allthing, it proved that slip iner Case is a troglodyte. Hes no threat to you. Im attracted to finesse, not military group. Case reacts to force with force. Thats why he hit Yamata. You use a gentle tint with a guy like that and hes help iodinself slight.Sebastian Curtis turned away from her. Im not victorious the observes off his family, not for a era anyway.You do what you think is best, still its not sizeable policy to move all all over an enemy of both(prenominal) matchless whose run you require. So what if he hates the ninjas? I hate the ninjas. You hate the ninjas. only if we need them, and we need a pilot. Were not likely to be as friendly next time.Lucky? The mans a reproba te. puckerer Case is a loser. Losers show on islands, away from competition. You taught me that. Flattery might work where seduction believemed to be failing.I did?She unzipped his pants. Sure, that monologue ab progress forth ninety percent of the en riskinessed species living(a) on islands. Thats because they would commit died step to the fore years ago from corporeal competition. Losers, like rucker Case.I was talking ab tabu unique ecosystems, like the congius??pagos, where growing is speeded up. The way the religions affect hold.Same difference.He yanked her hand forth of his pants and pushed her away. Whats that compel us, Beth? What does that make me?The Sky Priestess was losing on all fronts. in that location was an elework forcet here that she was not in control of, an unknown variant that was affecting the Sorcerers mood. When sex and flattery dont work, what next? Ah, team spirit. It makes us the fittest, Bastian. It makes us superior.He looked at her quizz i telephoney.Easy now, she approximation. Youre getting him back. She walked slowly back to the emperors chair and sat down daintily, then threw a leg over every arm and leaned back spread-eagle. A quiz, Bastian, a quiz on evolution Why, after all these years, with all the fossil evidence, doesnt anyone know for sure what happened to the dinosaurs? Dont help powerful away. Think. She fiddled with her left nipple while she waited, and finally a grinning came over his sheath. He unfeignedly did have con lookrable teeth. She had to give him assign for keeping up his dental hygiene all these years on the island.No witnesses, he said finally.We have a winner. But to a greater ex bivouac precisely, no surviving witnesses. Losers can only flourish until a plethoric species appears, even on an island.A shade of concern crossed his face. But dinosaurs ruled the Earth for sixty million years. You can hardly call them losers.Could he be any more difficult? Look, Darwin, there ar abso lutely no dinosaurs getting laid tonight. Pick your team.52Dont eff Much some History tuck twisted the guts turn out of the stick pen and pried off the end cap with a kitchen knife, making, in effect, a perfect compact blowgun. He found a erect of bank billbook paper in the nightstand and seated himself on the wicker lay so he had a good diagonal view of the reserves post outside his threshold. He tore off a small humanity of the paper with his teeth, worked it into a sufficiently gooey ball, then fit it into the pen tube and blew. The spit wad sailed done the windowpane and curved harmlessly away from the guards.Too much moisture. He squeezed the next one between his fingers to begin with loading, then let fly front to strike the nearest guard in the neck. He brushed at his neck as if motion off an insect, save otherwise didnt react. more moisture. enclose had taught himself deadly true state workforcet with the spitter blowgun at a time when he was supposed to be learning algebra. In contradiction to what his teacher had told him, he had never needed to know algebra in later life, that mastery of the spitball was going to come in handy, although this skill had not ended up on his permanent record, as had, presumably, his failure of algebra.The third wad stricken the guard in the temple and stuck. He turned and cursed in Nipponese. introduce had prechewed a go a presbyopic-up shot that took the guard in the neck. The guard gestured with his Uzi.Go ahead, fuckstick. Shoot me, tuck said, a gleam in his spirit. rationalise to the doc how you shot his pilot over a spit wad. He tore off some other valet de chambre of paper with his teeth and chewed it while the guard glared.The corrugated steel storm shutters above the windows were held open with a single woodlanden strut. The guard clipped the strut and the shutter roughshod with a clang.Tuck moved to the next window down. He leaned out and fired. A splat in the forehead of guard numb er two, other strut knocked out, another clanging shutter. hotshot window to go, this one demanding a shot of almost twenty-five feet. Tuck popped his head out and blew. A spiderweb of spittle trailed behind the projectile as it traveled down the lanai. It smitten the first guard on the front of his black shirt and he ran toward Tuck, leading with his Uzi. Tuck ducked back inside and the final shutter fell.Tuck comprehend the guard at each shutter, latching it down.Mission accomplished.With the guards peeking in the window every two minutes, he would have never been able to spin off the cocoa palm dummy switch. And even in the ambient moonlight, hed have never make it to the privy un bill posterd. Of course, he couldnt have closed the windows. That would have been suspicious.Good night, guys. Im turning in. He stood, blowgun waiting, but the shutters remained latched. He speedily turned off the lights and crawled into bed, where he constructed the coconut man and waited until he heard the guards start to talk and smelled tobacco smoke from their cigarettes. indeed he tiptoed to the bathroom and made his relief valve.He half-expected the shower bottom to be nailed down. Beth Curtis had used it to escape only this morning. Maybe she hadnt figured that he knew about it. No, she was nuts, but she wasnt stupid. She knew he knew. She even knew that he knew she knew. So why hadnt she told Sebastian? And she hadnt said anything about their little detour to Guam either or maybe she had. Sebastian hadnt sent a stupendous postflight check like before. Tuck made a mental note to ask the doc about the check the next time they were on the golf course.For now he snatched up his flippers and mask and headed for the beach. Before introduction the pissing, he pulled a bottle of pills from his pocket anti-biotics left over from his dickrot and made sure that the cap was on tight. This might be the only jeopardize hed have to get medicine to Kimi.He swam almost the minefield and went straight into the crossroads and down the path toward Sarapuls house. Women and childrenwere still sitting around outside their houses, the women weave on small looms by coal oil lantern, the children playing quietly or finishing up dinners off banana leaf plates. Only the smallest children looked at Tuck as he languished. The women turned away, determined, it rendermed, not to make eye contact with the strange American. Yet there was no alarm in their ac-tions and no fear, just a concerted effort to not notice him. Tuck thought, This moldiness be what rising York was like before the snow-clad man came. And with that in mind, he stared at a spot in the path exactly twelve feet in front of him and denied their existence right back. It was better this way. He never knew when he might have to fly one of their body parts to Japan.He made his way pronto up the path and soon he could see a glitter near Sarapuls house. He broke into the clearing and truism the o ld great sporting cheat and Kimi sitting around a fire, working on something. Sewing, it looked like.Kimi, Tuck said, you shouldnt be up.Kimi looked up from his work. there was a huge piece of blue nylon draped over his and Sarapuls laps. I feel better. You fixed me, boss.Tuck net on him the pills. declare two of these now and two a day until theyre gone.Sarapul give me kava. It make the hurt shut off.These arent for the hurt. These are for infection. Take them, okay?Okay, boss. You want to help?What are you guys making?Ill show you. Kimi started to rise and his face twisted with pain.Sarapul pushed him back down. I pass on show. The old man-eater snatched up the kerosene lantern and gestured for Tuck to follow him into the jungle.Tuck looked back at Kimi. You take those pills. And dont move around much, Im not sure how well those stitches will hold. You had a big hole in you.Okay, boss.Sarapul disappeared into the jungle. Tuck ran after him and almost ran him over comin g out of a patch of small banana trees into an area that cleared into walking trees, mangroves, and palms. About fifty yards ahead, Sarapul stopped near the beach. He stood by what appeared to be a large fallen tree, but when Tuck got closerhe saw it was a long sailing canoe. Sarapul grinned up at Tuck, the light from the lamp making him appear like some demon from the dark island past. The palu the navigator he make. I help. Sarapul ran the light down the length of the canoe. Tuck could see that one of the tall gunwales was darkened and glazed with age, while the other had been hewn latterly and was bright yellow. He could smell the fresh wood sap.There was an outrigger the size of it of a normal canoe and a platform across the struts. As canoes went, it was a huge structure, and hewing the hull from a single piece of wood with hand tools had taken an incredible amount of work, not to mention skill.Kimi did this? This is gorgeous.Sarapul nodded, his eye catching the fire of the lamp. This boat broken since before the time of Vincent. Kimi is great navigator.He is? Tuck had his doubts, given the storm, but then again, as Kimi had said, they had survived a typhoon in a rowboat. And this craft was no accident this was a piece of art. So you guys are sewing a sail for this?We finish soon. Then palu will teach me to sail. The Shark People will go to sea again.Whered you get the nylon for the sail? I cant see Dr. Curtis thinking this is a good idea.Sarapul climbed into the canoe and dug under a stack of paddles and lines, each hand-braided from coconut fiber, until he came up with a tattered mass of nylon straps, Velcro, and plastic buckles with a a couple of(prenominal) shreds of blue nylon hanging here and there.My pack. You guys used my pack?And tent inside.Do you have the stuff that was inside? There were some pills that can help Kimi.Sarapul nodded. He led Tuck back with the jungle to his house. Kimi had gone inside and was lying down.Boss, I dont feel s o good. touch on. I might have some more medicine. Actually, Tuck had never been sure of all the things that Jake Skye had loaded into the pack.Sarapul retrieved a palm frond basket from the rafters and handed it to flummox. Tuck found the antibiotics he had been looking for, as well as painkillers and aspirin. Even what was left of his cash was in the basket. All the pills were still dry. Tuck doled out a doseand handed them to the navigator. Take these when you have pain, andthese take like the other ones, twice a day, okay?You good doctor, boss.You did a hell of a job on that boat.Kimi seemed distressed. You not tell Sorcerer or Vincents white bitch.No, I wont tell them.Kimi seemed to breathe easier. Roberto come today. He say you must see the canoe. But he say you should no tell the Sorcerer.Roberto told you that.He talk funny now, Kimi said. Like you, kinda. In American. He tell me Sepie is okay. She come home soon.I couldnt get in to see her. There was a guard on the clinic. Dog fuckers, Kimi said.Then Tuck told the navigator about the golf game and watched as the old anthropophagite held him while he laughed, then curled with pain. I better respite now, boss. You come back. I take you sailing.You got it. Tuck backed out of the house and waited until Sarapul joined him with the lamp. You know which pills to give him?Sarapul nodded. Tuck started down the path toward the village, but pulled up a minute later when he heard the cannibal running after him.Hey, pilot. Vincent send you to us, huh?I dont know.You tell Vincent I wasnt going to eat you. Okay?Tuck smiled. Ill try to smuggle you some e-mail next time I come.Sarapul smiled back.As he came up on the drinking circle, Tuck stopped and checked his watch. He didnt want to be gone more than a couple of hours. There was little danger that hed be called to fly, at least not without the warning appear-ance of the Sky Priestess, but Beth Curtis might show up at his bungalow at any time. Funny, he didnt thi nk of the Sky Priestess and Beth as the same person.The Shark men were applying new coats of red paint to their bamboo rifles by the light of a kerosene lamp. They moved around on the logs and Tuck took a seat by Malink. Without a word, theyoung man who was pouring handed Tuck the form. He drained it andhanded it back.Whats the deal with the rifles? Tuck asked Malink.Vincents army, Malink said. Vincent said we must eer be ready to fight the enemies of the United States of America.Oh, Tuck said. Why red? Malink looked at Tuck as if he was something he had stepped in. It is the color of Vincents brother.yea? Tuck didnt get it.Vincents brother, Santa Claus. Red is his color. You must know that.Tuck couldnt help it. He let his mouth fall open. Santa Claus is Vincents brother?Yes, Santa Claus brings excellent load for everyone, but only once a year. He comes in a sleigh on the snow. You know, right?Right. But I dont get the connection.Malink looked as if it was all he could do not to tell Tuck how unbelievably dense he really was. Well, we have no snow, so Vincent will come in a plane. Not once a year. When Vincent come, he will bring cargo every day. More than he gives through the Sky Priestess. More than Santa Claus.And Vincent told you this, that he was Santas brother?Malink nodded. His skinny brother, he say. So we make rifles red. Malink watched for signs that Tuck was getting it. Tuck wasnt giving them. Even induce Rodriguez know about Santa Claus, Malink insisted.Okay, Tuck said, how about moving that cup around the circle a little faster, guys?Vincent will bring us real rifles when he come. We must be always ready to fight, Malink said.Who? Tuck asked. take you guys ever been attacked?Once, Malink said. When I was boy, some guys from New Guinea come in canoe. We no like those guys. We go in our canoes to kill them.And what happened?It got dark.And?We come home. Those guys from New Guinea pretty lucky no one know how to sail in the dark.No palu? Tuck asked, using the indwelling word for navigator.Japanese kill them. No palu left, except maybe one.Thats why you didnt turn Kimi over to the Sorcerer?Malink nodded and trouble crossed his brow. I am thinking, if Vincent send you, how come the Sorcerer not know you here? And how you not know Santa Claus?Tuck noticed that the men had stopped painting their rifles and talking among themselves to listen to his answer. There was pressure here, beyond whether hed be able to drink or not. He told them what they needed to hear. Vincent called me from the land of armored possums to come to the island of the Shark People. I am a flyer, as Vincent was a flyer. He does not tell me everything, and he does not tell the Sorcerer everything. Vincent is sometimes mysterious, but we must avow his judgment.Malink smiled. Let us drink to this flyer. Then we go to sleep. To Tuck, Malink said tomorrow is the retrace.53How the Shark People Got Their NameWhen the pounding came at his door just after dawn , Tuck prepared himself mentally to meet the successful face of Sebastian Curtis, who would be overly cheerful at the prospect of carnage the pilot at another round of gravel golf, but when he opened the door, there was Beth Curtis wearing a long-sleeved white cotton order and a huge sun hat with a brim that fell over her face like a lampshade.Tuck had on old boxer shorts that showed more of his morning bulge than he was well-fixed with. Strange, a month ago he was ready to sell his nous for this physiological phenomenon, and today it was an embarrassment.Good morning, he said. I was expecting the doc.Oh, did you two have plans?No, I justnever mind. Would you like to come in for some coffee? He gestured to the small kitchen nook.Why dont you make yourself a cup and bring it with you? I have something to show you.Sure. respectable give me a second.She waited by the door while he threw a pot of water on the stove, togged up quickly and combed his hair, then poured the water ov er some coffee grounds and stirred in some disintegrate milk. Im ready. Whats up?I want to show you something on the other side of the island.Outside of the compound?Near the village. I think youll enjoy it.Tuck walked with her out into the morning sun, nursing his coffee as they went. There were no guards in sight anywhere. The widegate to the runway was open.Wheres the ninjas?You call them that too? Thats funny. She laughed, but because he couldnt see her face under the hat, he couldnt tell if there was any sincerity in it.She put her hand on his arm and let him lead her across the runway like a Victorian lady under escort.Do you ever miss your family? she asked as they walked.Tuck was taken by surprise. My family? No. We parted on less than favorable terms. I fell out of contact with them long before I came out here.Im sorry. Really. Is it difficult for you?Tuck thought she might be joking. My mother and my uncle are my only real family. They married after my stupefy was killed . I wasnt pleased.Youre kidding. I thought they only did that in West Virginia. Arent you from atomic number 20?She married my fathers brother, not her brother. Still, I dont miss them.What about your friends?Tuck thought for a second. Things had changed for him since hed last seen Jake Skye. In a way hed taken on some responsibility. He was acting on his own, without a net. He wished that he could tell Jake about it. Yeah, I miss my friends sometimes.Me too, Tucker. Id like to be your friend.You have Sebastian.Yes, I do, dont I.They walked in silence until they entered the village, which was deserted except for a few dogs and too many roosters. Where is everybody? Tuck reminded himself not to let it appear that any of this was familiar to him. Is this where the natives live?Theyre all at the beach. Today is the day of the hunt.The hunt?Youll see. Its a surprise.As they passed the bachelors house, Tuck peeked through he door. He could see someone sleeping inside. Beth led the way t o the beach and Tucker looked back. Sepie stood in the doorway wearing only a bandage around her ribs. She waved and Tuck risked a quick smile and turned away. They were going to give him away. One hint of recognition and he was screwed.The women, children, and old men were all run along up on the beach. Tuck had never seen most of the women and children. There must have been three hundred people there. The only familiar face was Favo, the old man from the drinking circle, who showed no recognition when he looked at Tuck. The younger men were out in the water, standing knee cryptical on the get down in the light low-tide surf. Each of the men held a five-foot-long stick with a rope tied at one end. They wore long knives tucked into cords tied around their waists.Fishing? Tuck asked.Just watch, Beth said. This is how the Shark People got their name.Tuck spotted Malink coming out of the jungle with four other men. Each carried a large plastic bucket.They make the buckets out of net floats from the huge factory ships, Beth Curtis said. The plastic is tougher than anything they can make.Whats in them? Tuck watched as each man swam out to the let down property a bucket on his head.Pig and chicken blood.Two men helped Malink onto the reef and took his bucket from him. Malink looked out to sea and said something in his native language, then looked to the people on the beach as if to say, Ready.The chief yelled a command to the men in the water and they dumped the buckets of blood. Soon they were all knee deep in crimson surf and the bloodstain swept out into the ocean in a great cloud.Isnt that dangerous? Tuck asked.Of course. Its insane. provoke choice of words. Tuck was surprised that no one seemed to notice or make a big deal of Beths presence. Why arent they drumming and kowtowing to you?They arent allowed to when Im dressed like this. Its a rule. I need my privacy at times.Of course, Tuck said.A fin appeared in the water about twenty yards out from the reef. Someone shouted and Tuck recognized Abo from his warriors topknot. Malink nodded and Abo squab into the water and swam toward the cheat. Before he was ten yards out, the fin turned toward him.More fins appeared and as Malink nodded, more young men dove into the water with their sticks.Shit, this is suicide, Tuck said. He watched as the first shark made a pass at Abo, who moved out of its way like a bullfighter.Youve got to stop this. Tuck couldnt remember ever feeling much(prenominal) panic for another human being.Beth Curtis squeezed his arm. They know what theyre doing.The shark circled and made a second pass at Abo, but this time the young warrior didnt move out of the way. He shoved his stick into the sharks jaws as if it was a bit, then flipped himself on the sharks back and wrapped the cord just behind the pectoral fins, then back to the other end of the stick so it wouldnt come out. The water boiled around Abo as the shark thrashed, but Abo stayed on and, attribute the st ick like handlebars, he pulled back to keep the shark from fall and steered him into the shallow water of the reef, where the other men waited with their knives drawn.A roar went up from the crowd on the beach as Abo turned the shark over to the slaughterers and held up his arms in triumph. The men on the reef slit the sharks belly and cut off a huge puffiness of the liver, which they handed to Abo. He bit into it, tearing out a bedevil chunk and swallowing as blood ran down his chest.Soon others were steering sharks onto the reef and the water beyond was alive with fins. The red cloud expanded as the sharks died and bled and more came to take their place. The gutted sharks were brought onto the beach, where the women continued the butchering, handing pieces of the raw flesh to the children as treats or prying out serrated teeth and giving them to little boys as trophies.One of the men actually stood up on the back of a huge hammerhead that he was steering to the reef and nearly emasculate himself on the dorsal fin as he fell. But the shark was held fast and died on the reef with the others.In half an hour the shark hunt was over. The sea was red with blood for a thousand yards in all directions and the beach was littered with the corpses of a hundred sharks black tips, white tips, hammerheads, blue, and mako. Some of the deadliest creatures had been taken like they were guppies in a net, and not one of the Shark People was hurt, although Tuck noticed that many were bleeding from abrasions on the inside of their thighs where they had rubbed against the sharks skin during their ride. The Shark People were ecstatic, and every one of them was drenched in in blood.Tuck was stunned. Hed never seen such courage or such slaughter before, and he was getting the willies thinking about all the time he had spent swimming in these waters at night.Malink walked up the beach dragging a leopard shark by its gills. His Buddha belly was drip mold in blood. He looked up at Tucker and risked a smile.Thats the chief, Beth Curtis said. Hes really too old for this, but he wont stay on shore.Do the sharks ever get any of them?Sometimes. Usually just a bite. A lot of sutures, but no ones been killed since Ive been on the island.No one catch sharks, anyway, Tuck thought. A little girl who had been helping her mother bashfully peeked over the carcass of a big hammer-head, then ran up to Tucker and quickly touched him on the knee before retreating to the safety of her mother.Thats strange, Beth Curtis said. The women and girls wont have anything to do with a white man. Even when they come to Sebastian, they talk to him through a brother or husband and he speaks their language.Tuck didnt answer. He was still looking at the little girls back. She had a massive bump scar that ran like a smile from her sternum, under her arm, to her backbone at exactly the place where the kidney would be. Tuck felt sick to his stomach.I think Ive seen enough, Beth. Can we go? Cant deal with the sight of blood?Something like that.As they walked back through the village, Tuck noticed a fair sex and a little boy sitting outside of one of the cookhouses. The mother was attribute the boy and singing to him softly as she rocked him. Both of his eyes were indentured with gauze pads. Tucker approached the woman and she pulled the child to her breast.Beth Curtis caught Tucks arm and tried to pull him back. Tuck shook her off and went to the woman.Whats wrong with him? Tuck asked.The woman slid across the gravel, away from him.Tucker Beth Curtis said, Leave her alone. Youre scaring her.Its okay, Tuck whispered to the woman. Im the pilot. Vincent sent me.The woman seemed to calm down, and although her eyes went wide with wonder, she managed a small smile.Tuck reached out and touched the childs head. Whats wrong with him?The woman held out the boy as if presenting him for baptism.He is chosen, she said. She looked at the Sky Priestess for approval.Tuck stood and backed away from her. He was alarmed to look at Beth, afraid that he might strangle her on the spot. Instead, calmly, deliberately, although it took all his effort to keep from shaking, he said, Wed better get back. He led the way through the village and back to the compound.

Life Is a Gift

Life a four-letter word yet given with a fold of various meanings and values. It is an abstract idea that has brought into reality with perpetuallyy living thing. If we argon to pause and sit back, thinking those days as we dwell on this earth, had it also occur to us how we live our life with? Have we ever realized how blessed we have been to get up each forenoon alive to face a nonher day? Today, before we complain close to what has life brought us, we should think first of those things which we may find less of value.As much said, Every great thing starts from the little ones, so why not appreciate every little thing we got? Life is precious. People atomic number 18 priceless. We have got life likewise we have got people whom we can treasure our life with. Perhaps, there were times when we felt like giving up when we were so depressed about everything that was happening, and when we thought life has been cruel to us. But, what we did not think so is the reason behind of all the misfortunes we encounter. Challenges make us wiser, our sufferings make us tougher, and our yearnings make us stronger.So, we should try not to misgiving if things did not turn out well the way we expect them to be. individually passing day is a treasure, a great sign that we be given another chance to live and eventually, to turn into a clean leaf so we could be a better person with brighter future. These reasons are enough to make us realize the significance of life. So, when depressing thoughts calculate to get us down, we should always be reminded with those beautiful things that will provoke us up and be grateful with the gift of life.

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Comparison of Genesis

The layer of existence begins with coevals 1 and 2, it explains how the world and its sustentation inhabitants were workd from beau ideals touch. From Genesis 1 we see how the sky, seas, land, animals, and worldly concernkind were created. However Genesis 2 focuses much on the first of patchkind, cognise as raptus and Eve and how they ar make to be. In this subject I will compargon Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and what the main idea for creation is in each one, however in my opinion thither is no contradiction between the deuce. Genesis 2 merely fills in the details that are headlined in Genesis.In Genesis 1 we learn how immortal created the cosmos and the living things on it and what order they came to be in. The elements were created in the following order Light first and darkness stand by marking the first sidereal day (Gen 13), land and seas on the r come outine day (Gen 19), and the seasons on the fourth day (Gen 114). The living things were created in this order V egetation and plants were first on the third day (Gen 111), animals were second on the fifth and one-sixth days (Gen 120), male human kind was do third on the sixth day (Gen 127), and fin all(prenominal)y female human kind was make fourth and last on the sixth day as wellhead (Gen 127).Genesis 1 briefly tells us that man was made in matinee idols check, made male and female, and putn dominion everyplace the animals (Gen 126). In Genesis 2 we merely go more into depth of the making of man and woman. Genesis 2 marchs us HOW man was made in divinity fudges image. I believe man is made a three-fold being with a body that touches the physical realm, a spirit that touches the religious/moral realm, and a soul/mind that links them in the rational realm. Just as idol appears as the Father in the phantasmal realm, the Son in the physical realm, and the Holy Spirit in the wagon and minds of men.This is a great similarity and I believe it is in that respect for a reason. But we n eed non get far into that and muddy the irrigate so to speak (sarcasm). In Genesis 1 beau ideal was here on the earth, He hovered over water in Eden (Gen 12). God besides began the process of creation, and began creating the earth. Not exactly did He create the earth, merely He created mankind and animals. In this chapter it speaks of man being made in Gods image which is very intriguing, God created everything, but mankind is the only thing He created to be like Him. God gave us the opportunity to be in His likeness.Not only is that an opportunity, but it is an watch over to know that God cares so much about mankind that He wants us to be like Him. In Genesis 2 God breathes breath into mankind, God is physically in the presence of mankind at this point. He did not come in the institute of Jesus, but in the form of which He is, God. God is closer to mankind than ever ahead in twain of these chapters. Also, God gives a test to ex in Genesis 2, which is not something that H e does in Genesis 1. Almost at one time after breathing life into tenner God gives him work.I find this fire because since the beginning God has been working on everything himself, and now he is weighty cristal to work. Adam is made in Gods image and he works almost immediately after coming to life. God not only made man in His image chassis wise, but in all other aspects. One thing I learned from Genesis 2 is that God has a standard for mankind, and that He expects man to take care of what He gives man. (Gen 215). God was with Adam, and regular though God was a companion for Adam, Adam needed more. God saw this and blessed Him with Eve.Throughout these two chapters you get to see how creative God jakes be, and how much He cares about mankind. God wanted Adam to be happy, and fulfilled. God had just met Adam in physical form and gave him all the desires of his heart. I find this amazing because how often does mankind provide to the needs and wants of one another, but God is e ver so giving. I have been contemplating another theory as well that could explain the unalike focuses on Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. What if they were written by two different authors? some other possibility is that there were two stories being told and the author could not decide which one to put in the bible, so he put both. Though there are two clashing stories, the introductory idea for this story of creation can still be seen. This business leader explain wherefore Genesis 1 has a broader spectrum of creation and why Genesis 2 focuses mainly on the creation of man. In Genesis 1 the names of man are not even mentioned. In Genesis 2 however we come to learn that their names are Adam (male) and Eve (female).Also in Genesis 2 we learn simply how Eve is created Goad takes a rib from Adam and makes Eve from that rib. and so she is called woman, because she is made from man (Gen 223). This appears nowhere in Genesis 1. Another possibility is that Genesis was also put in the Bible to press out us how important the creation of man was. After all we are the only things that God created in his image (Gen 126). God makes a garden in Eden and puts Adam in the eastern set off of Eden to care over and keep it in order. He then(prenominal) instructs him about what trees to eat from and which to not eat from.Before God makes him a companion (on the 6th day) he brings all the creatures to Adam to name all the animals and birds (Gen 215). Then God reflects back at what he previously made before man. (Gen 124-25 explains the creatures made from the earth according to its kind) and has Adam name them before he puts him asleep to operate on him to give him his wife (Gen 221). Out of the ground the LORD God make every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and b rought them to Adam to see what he would call them. (Gen 219).They were seen by Adam and named, which brought the coda that he needed a helper his wife Eve. Without Eve Adam would never be able to pro sper, also he loves Eve. This explains why a man leaves his father and his mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame. (Gen 225). To me this is a very important detail that is left out in Genesis 1. You cannot come to understand the power God has bestowed upon man and what man needs without Genesis 2.That is why I believe both creation accounts are included in the bible. We needed to have a better understanding of the beginning of the human race. Without a start how can we ever finish and go up into the kingdom of God? God made us in his image for a reason, and that reason was for us to rule over the other living thing on earth and almost be shepherd like, but do so without sin. We must(prenominal) be pure and we must be faithful, that is the path to heaven. Both creation accounts explain how we came to be.But the first creation account is broader ranging and more of an overview, explaining t he creation of wickedness and day, land, sky, seas, seasons, plants, animals, and man. The second creation account focuses on the creation of humans, but also covers the growing of plants and the creation of animals. In both cases, the basics were already there in the first account, the waters, the wind that blew across the water and the land underneath in the second creation account, the dry land was there, but plants had not grown because God had yet to make it rain. So there were only very minutedifferences between the two, but the same concept was shared. Genesis 2 recaps the creation week and provides extra details on Adam and Eves style of creation and of their home in Eden. Genesis 1 sets out all of the creative work in order. Both deal with the same story but with different emphasis of the detail. To conclude, both of these chapters summarize God creating the world, and show the reader how creative, considerate, loving, and how all powerful God really is. Bibliography (Work Cited) Life finish Study Bible by Tyndale Genesis Chapters 1-2

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Foundations of Management and Organisation

Is acuteization a desirable st straygy for managing and organizing coupling Hotel in the current economic climate? Discuss your answer with extension to the topic of cheekal transmit. Rationalization is an organisational concept that aims to increase a firms productivity, as it grows in size, through a reorganisation of its current arrangement of operations. Through issue this essay I testament be referring to the conjunctive Hotel slick study along with a nonher(prenominal) articles and critiques of the rationalization theory to determine how worthy rationalisation is as a solution for the problems facing crossroads Hotel at bottom the current economic climate.Throughout the 19th century Frederick Taylor, a mechanical engineer, was bingle of the pioneers of the organisational wariness coming to business. He was ren cod goted for his theory of scientific centering, which cogitate primarily on change magnitude the physical mogul of the case-by-case buy the farme r. The sensation object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer, bring together with the maximum prosperity for apiece employee (Fredrick Taylor, 1911, pg. 09).One of Taylors close notable studies composite visualizeing shovels that could load the most efficient amount of material (21 1/2lbs) consecutively to save becomeers eon and, in turn, increase productivity. Having a bear and constructiond command everyplace workers allowed Taylor to audition with efficiency, which was something he saw as paramount to having a successful workforce of employees. Relating this specifically to the Junction Hotel baptis hand all over study, it is app bent that in that respect argon some garner organisational problems that could be contumacious using a much rational work architectural plan, such as the methods introduced by Taylor.Primarily there is a lack of any concise structure betwixt the task expectations of the employees. The job roles of the General Manager, Deputy Manager, Head Chef and party Accountant all contradict one some other qualification it raise unclear to the rest of the workforce who they should embrace to as their boss. A rational organisational solution to this problem would be to introduce a more than sophisticated, bureaucratic style of management. Though earlier societies had organisational structures, they were not nearly as efficient as the bureaucracy (George Ritzer, 1996, pg.09).This after part be implemented through the aim of computer analysis of such things as employee timetables, busy periods, and popular items among customers. Specifically, organisational charts, which bequeath a clear formation of different job roles that ar allocated in a hierarchy of either horizontal or vertical structure, would work in military force(p)ly in restoring crop and dominance. A hierarchy is most effective in assigning manipulate to different regions of management in order to maintain a more specific train of control over a growing workforce.For Junction Hotel, this would be most appropriate for the withdrawal of the different functional areas, which, at the moment, are all under the control of the Deputy Manager. Instead, each area should be operated by group of employees that differentiate in that service. From here, each section of workers tummy then meet got their own specific manager to report to for daily duties. This way the general manger can purpose more of an active role within the organisation relieving some of the pressure off of the Deputy Manager and allowing the Head Chef control over his own workforce.This would allow specific segmentation to each exclusive work force, allowing for a more direct focalisation from each manager. This would be the most appropriate way of applying a rational, bureaucratic work design to Junction hotel without having to sacrifice any whole tone of service. However, if Junction Hotel want to stay on a compet itive company within the hotel patience, some of the personal relationships between the cleaning and reception ply and the general manager may possess to be limited in order to increase efficiency during the working(a) day.Taylor made it clear that he never saw the benefit of a friendly relationship between workers and managers. Eventually, he became so focused on increasing productivity that he began to see his employees as just another(prenominal) cog in the machine of the production dish out. As time went on, employees would try and use this to their advantage by demonstrating their asymmetric knowledge. After years of practising their trade the workers would be able to determine the amount of time it would take to complete a specific task before they began it.With Taylors cost to his employees universe so cold-hearted, it was often the case that the employees would exaggerate the time they ask to complete a task so as to insure they werent being over worked. This is an example of some of the favorable problems that Taylor had to face overdue to having such a strong rational get along to work. As a result, Taylor warmly began gaining criticism. Max weber, a German sociologist, was one of Taylors biggest critics. Weber summarised Taylors scientific management theory as an iron coop environment leaving workers trapped in working conditions that left them ruling dehumanized.As a counter opinion, Weber explained that promotion by merit with life story opportunities for employees was a superior option to the traditional hierarchy of power. However, Weber was assured this would not al shipway be attainable in a living world. Weber k reinvigorated the bureaucracy he was designing was an ideal type and that it could not always be perfect (French & Rayner, 2011, pg315-316). Weber developed the belief that there is no one perfect method of managing an organisation. Organisational change occurs when a business has a need to alter its current du st of operations.Social, political, technological and economical factors are the four main external aspects that can influence change within an organisation. Not only are there different types of change, which manifest themselves in different organisations, change also appears at different levels of an organisation (Barbara Senior, 2001, pg. 57). Specifically, organisational change relates to the larger changes within a company, kind of than just minor(ip) adjustments to products or branding.Organisational change refers to organisation-wide change rather than to small changes such as adding a pertly role or making minor modifications to a process. (French & Rayner, 2011, pg. 574). For example, advancements in the technology used by a company would dramatically speed up the production process forcing them to alter the size of both their workforce and production outlets. Henry cross, of Ford Motor Industries, was one of the most famous examples of an organisation implementing a change within their production processthrough the Taylorism ideology.Taylor and scientific management confederative to Fordism (Senior & Fleming, 2006, pg. 8). Instead of having a specific number of workers collectively working on one motor vehicle, Ford instead documentaryised that he could save time and increase productivity by assigning each individual worker to a particular station on his group telegraph line. Therefore, Ford could just move the car almost the assembly line where it would stop at each station to give way a new part added to it.This modifyd Ford to expand and increase his workforce whilst til now increasing the amount of automobiles he was producing. Only by doubling wages to his famous 5-dollar-a-day was he able to stabilize the work situation and persuade workers to encounter the new technology (Morgan G, 2006, pg. 25). This organisational change would be an example of a candid approach to change, which sees organizational change as a simple hear ty set(p) of make blocks that are controlled from the top down, with a limited popular opinion of only the techno-structural ramp of the organisation.With one of the main purposes of a business being to constantly strive to improve output and lower costs in order to increase revenue, the Taylorism and Fordism approaches became popular around the world and production efficiency was now of the utmost immenseness. However, this mettlesome level of efficiency came at a price for the employees. Many of Taylors and Fords workers found it surd to maintain any humanistic grasp on their machinelike work due to its repetitive and boring nature.This led to a decrease in efficiency as workers became fatigued and after a while could no longer salve up with the rate of production. Charlie Chaplin outlines this perfectly in his telly Modern Times (TheCharlesChaplin, 1936, Modern Times) whereby the worker is dragged along the conveyor belt out assembly line because he is incapable of keep ing up with the pace. In the Junction Hotel case study a similar situation is depict with the attend of house staff not being able to keep up with the orders given by the kitchen staff, leading to conflict between employees.Ultimately, this leave alone lead to problems in the satisfaction levels of the customers, which can cause broad theme problems for Junction Hotel, a company who pride themselves on having a high level of traditional customer service. One of the most effective ways of tackling employee confrontation is through the use of group building exercises. Team building exercises are effective as they encourage employees to collaborate with one another to achieve particular goals without having the stress element of actual work.Being new to the team building approach, the postponement and kitchen staff at Junction Hotel would benefit most from a more relaxed outdoor operation, such as raft building. For a group that has never done team building before, outdoor exper iences can be an exciting way to begin (French & Rayner, 2011, pg. 410). As a result, when both sets of employees go back to work there will be a greater understanding between each member of staff creating a new atmosphere as a group identity. This social aspect of employees during working hours is a factor that was often overlooked by traditional methods of management, such as Taylorism.As a result, this 21st century social method of management is now considered a more popular modern alternative than the traditional Taylorism perspective. In the 1920s, Elton Mayo, an Australian psychologist, stumbled upon the importance of group kinetics whilst conducting a study investigating the levels of productivity in employees. His experiments, on 29,000 workers at the Hawthorne factory, examined the effect light had on productivity. His objectives were to discover the optimum level of brightness needed to gain maximum efficiency from workers.However, Mayo found that the level of lightin g had no direct effect on production levels exclusively instead the human cooperative systems that the workers were a part of had a huge effect on increasing worker efficiency. Workers being able to devote themselves within an occupational community introduced the concept of group norms whereby workers had their own set of regulations to abide by that were considered more socially acceptable. Members derived valued identities or self-images, presently from their occupational roles. (Van Maanan & J & Barley, S, 1984, pg.298).Expressions and labels such as rate buster and the chisler became nicknames that were used to define workers as either an over-worker or under-achiever. The power of an informal organisation, where man is more than just a machine nevertheless as a social being was one of Mayos greatest findings. This became known as the Hawthorne Effect. Conversely, a bureaucratic style of management is most appropriately suited to those organisations that are willing to sacrifice quality in return for an increase in quantity of revenue.For example, Travelodge, a competing company within the hotel industry, make it clear to their customers that the service they offer is simple just covers all the necessary essentials needed for a comfortable stay. If youve ever stayed at a Travelodge Hotel, you business leader have noticed they dont have shampoo in the bathroom. (Davis, Evan, 2009) This is known as value engineering and it is a smart way for larger companies to cut production costs whilst still keeping up a respectable level of quality.Higher-end hotels tend to brush off this strategy as it can harshly diminish their unique marketing point of providing the best quality goods and services. This would be particularly true for Junction Hotel. Throughout the case study it is clearly outlined that Junction Hotel are a company who pride themselves on having a traditional approach to customer service. This would specifically involve having a very h igh focus on self-presentation, customer relations, and particularly individual customer requirements.Rationalisation revolves more around a very routine and strategic attitude whereby all customers are greeted with the same standardised mannerisms and production is aimed at being a quick process, which sacrifices quality for speed. This is the first indication from the case material that suggests that rationalisation might not be the most appropriate method of management for a company that markets itself as an oasis of calm in the city as Junction Hotel does. McDonalds is a perfect example of how quality over quantity has been sacrificed to increase output.A quick service where customers can walk in and point to a number on the menu as they order federal agency workers can speed up the transaction process of allowance for food allowing them to switch to new customers swiftly. The manager ensures that all employees are allocated to those jobs in which they perform most efficientl y, known as aces in their places. (Hill, Terry, (2005) McDonalds Corporation). This type of McDonaldization meaning there is no room for flexibility making it a real problem if customers request to manipulate the menu.This slows down theprocess from kitchen staff to front of house staff, if one individual burger is needed to be adapted this will take precious time out of an employees schedule, which will have a domino effect on the time taken to execute other customers. Ultimately, the efficiency of the entire operation will have slowed dramatically, specially if this happens on more than one occasion throughout the working day. As Weber explained, dehumanization and lack of motivation are due side effects as a result of having such strict time schedules and regulations to keep to.Nevertheless, organisations continue to strive for maximization in the hope that they will at least increase efficiency (Ritzer, G, 2008, The McDonaldisation of Society). Junction Hotel, on the other ha nd, has a slightly different demographic to that of the market that McDonalds are centering on. With the emphasis on high-end, premium quality goods and services Junction Hotel are attracting an of age(p) age range of those customer who can afford to miss extra on hotel costs. This will most likely be older people enjoying their retirement along with businessmen and women who have their expenses paid for.The originator this is important to identify is because of the current economic position of the UK. Having just emerged out of a recession, consumer spending within in the UK is still continuing at slow pace. This content, that for the more expensive and luxurious organisations it has become just as hard to keep current customers as it has been attracting any new ones. This is the s indication that suggests a complete rationalisation for Junction Hotel would not have much of a positive impact considering it would only increase the similarities they have with already well estab lished rival companies such as Travelodge.In an parsimony that is still recovering from a late recession due to a bar on the banks consumer confidence is still very low which means less people are going to be willing to experiment with new organisations, especially the more expensive ones. However, some of the most recent economic reports have identified a rise in everlasting(a) domestic produce, which is a positive sign for Junction Hotel as it means more consumers are starting to get comfortable with spending a little extra money.The Office for National Statistics said its first predict for gross domestic product (GDP) showed the economy grew 0. 3% during the first fourth of 2013. (Hugh Pym, 2013, UK economy avoids triple dip recession). Although the increase is not a evidentiary one this will benefit Junction Hotel in the long run as it shows signs of a slow but steady growth which is a good climate to begin setting up a new organization in. Economists say the news should give a small psychological boost to consumers and businesses. (Hugh Pym, 2013, UK economy avoids triple dip recession).Keeping with the premium quality approach should provide a competitive edge in the favour of Junction hotel. This type of organizational change is a strategic intervention to provide Junction Hotel with a competitive advantage over their rivals in the hotel industry by aiming their services at a different demographic who will, in the current economic climate, be more likely to afford hotel accommodation. In conclusion to this essay, Junction Hotel will need to introduce a more rational work design to their organisation in order to maximize efficiency and start making a respectable profit.It is vital besides that the rational approach is put into action in the most applicable places of the organisation as otherwise it could cause a detrimental effect to production the rates, as was evident with some areas of the McDonaldization. Firstly, a bureaucratic design should be implemented through the use of organisational charts that clearly layout the different tiers of management throughout the entire organisation in a hierarchal fashion.This should enable each section of the work force to have a incorporated view of where they stand within the organisation and know exactly who to report to. Secondly, team-building exercises must be put into place at least every quarter throughout the year to dispose of any unwanted negative null and allow workers to voice any concerns they may have with their superiors, especially kitchen and waiting staff. A formal relationship must be of the utmost importance in front of customers between all of the employees.Although, where customer service is not of a high importance, such as in the kitchen, a more relaxed attitude should be taken if it means the social side of individual worker will promote a higher level of efficiency. Overall, it is clear that with the right leadership and a positive attitude towards organ isational change from the workers, rationalisation is strategy that could have significant positive implications for Junction hotel.

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Ptlls Equality and Diversity.

Throughout this essay I leave behind look at and discuss the issues of equality and diversity. I will also look at ways to drive inclusion body with the savant, and how to agree their needs I will provide evidence and give examples of this. each of your learners is an individual who should be tough as an equal and with respect Wilson, L. (2008. pg. 27) As a lecturer it is essential to show equality in the schooling environment. A lecturer moldiness always treat all learners as and try not to show favouritism.All learners should treat each otherwise with professional courtesy and respect due to learners themselves needing to feel safe in the environment and feel like they too are being treated with respect. Also, both learners from different backgrounds and with different personalities need to be accepted in spite of appearance the accomplishment environment. It is also important that when displaying whatever posters or using any learning materials that you do not stereoty pe people and that it is free from hostile use of language that may cause offence .For example you would quash using words like manpower or blackboard as this may offend a learner of certain race or gender in the class. Teachers must know how to treat individual children and in that respect is great skill and subtlety in knowing when to confront or when to ignore certain behaviour. Cullingford, C. (1995. Pg. 109) Diversity is to know and value the differences among individuals and ensuring they are not being excluded and participating within the classroom. You are thus including everyone this will then show good practice of inclusion.For example if you fetch a learner with special educational needs to help the inclusion of that learner, a use of an LSA to help support that learner may be appropriate. The lecturer must throw away a positive attitude and have willing staff to be activity involved with the learners. As a lecturer you should set targets that suit the individual l earners needs. Also, the learner should have a key person with who they can go to, for supererogatory support. The lessons must be also be planned with flexibility to deed over for all different types of learners you may have. As a lecturer you must meet the potential needs of your learner.For example, if you have a learner in a wheelchair then you need to adapt your lesson to suit. You could do this by ensuring that the learning environment has been customized to facilitate the needs of that learner for example, a lower-ground classroom could be used. To summarise, it is very important that the lecturer and the learners treat each other equally and with respect. The lecturer must understand the individuals needs and maintain the learning environment to suit them in a way to promote inclusion. Therefore, all learners should be included and have the additional support when needed.

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Does the Internet have a democratising effect on society? Essay

Internet has revolutionized the way of doing work in todays new-made world. Businesses be increasingly becoming online because of the wide spread of internet readiness avail fit every where. Now it is scarcely a matter of flick and one gets his order delivered at his door step. Where ever in that respect is computer, there is internet access also operational. Today peck feel neither without computer and internet because internet makes us connected with the world. It provides a accessible feeling of comfort and togetherness, anyone having internet access is not alone in the real sense.With ever f entirelying computer prices and internet usage rates, presently all classes of people are able to afford the computer and at the same time use internet. (Cavalier , 2005) Any media to which the whole population stern access and air on just about anything has an over all democratizing assemble on that population. The word democratize basically means making available to all. So w hen we talk about the democratization effect of internet, it means that the internet tail be accessed by every one.Radios, television, newspapers all make people literate and let information flow to them but internet is not especial(a) to this extent. The percentage of people involved in producing and consuming knowledge is removed greater for internet as compared to any other media. Therefore, it is fair and just if we call internet a democratizing agent. (Browning , 2002) There is information available on any topic at all on the internet. throng washbasin access online dictionaries, encyclopedias, journal articles, and search on research engines just sit down at their home. This has widened the knowledge base of the people.This huge information available on the internet has rendered it to eat a democratizing effect because anyone any where can have access to information available on widest possible range of subjects. People who are illiterate on a certain subject adopt inf ormation through the internet and are able to give closely prepared lectures on that topic. Even people are now able to access internet free of cost at public libraries, universities, colleges and so on This means that internet has actually led to the democratization of information. The world is witnessing extravagantly growth rates in the use of Internet at homes as well as organizations.People have 24/7 connectivity available thanks to the developments in LAN and WAN. Moreover, information is available in all major languages over the internet so even non-English speaking people do not face any kind of trouble in accessing information which they require. People are not bounded from uttering themselves and their presented information can circulate to different corners of the world. The democracy of internet has led to an increase in the public awareness on crucial issues and has granted them freedom to express their thoughts openly even against the government which cannot be don e in person.With the change magnitude connectivity, to a greater extent and more people are becoming aware of their surroundings and what is going on around them. They can discuss policy-making and field issues over the internet with others and share information. Data related to the government as well as ones country is easily accessed by the people and they get to know their real economic situation. Internet has democratized the governance and media. News is being transmitted through the internet plus political campaigns are also being carried on the websites.An example would illustrate the democratizing effect of internet on political campaigns. Political candidates and parties are raising more and more money through internet in the form of gold and donations. People try to convince others over the internet to gift for political campaigns and internet has increased the number of donors (Shane , 2004). Previously, people were not willing to donate for political campaigns but with the increasing democratizing effect of the internet, politics is gaining popularity and people are getting involved in political discussions and campaigns.

European External Action Service Introduction Essay

European outer treat Service entranceIntroduction            To strengthen the European trade union, make it more(prenominal) efficiency, make its projects more interesting and give it more profile, there was the film for the establishment of External European Action Service (EEAS). According to treaty of Lisbon signed in 2007, the establishment of EEAS was to be carried out by high representative council after consulting European parliament. Following this, on twenty-fifth march 2010 high representatives council sent a proposal for the establishment of EEAS to European Parliament. With discussions, negotiations, and consideration of various concerns, EEAS was approved for established by European political sympathies on 8 July 2010.Functions of out-of-door European action value            The master(prenominal) aim why the outside European action att lay off to was make is to enhance European legal jointure world-wide functions. It was created to make broad functions of European meat more Efficient and that is the base which creates the functions of the external European inspection and repair action. The external European action suffice performs presidency and diplomatic functions. In the precedential role, the body assists the President of the European Council to carry out his responsibilities on alien issues. In its diplomatic armed service, external European action service supports High representative who is also the vice president of the European military commission (Eeckhout, 94).            The external European action service is responsible of coordinating the ministries of information and defense. From a development perspective, the external European action service plays a role of shaping strategy and programming development collaboration whole everywhere the word. The body combines the technical ex perts of the European commissions and the councils political pitch in the process of enhancing European Union role all over the world. On the side of defense, the body works under the European Union where they provide military support all over the word in the peace keeping process under the European Union insurance policy of common certification and defense (Austermann 70).            External European action service master(prenominal)tains a good neighborhood intercourse with another(prenominal) countries. Most of the countries who surround the European Union in sides be undergoing a political change. downstairs the policy of neighborhood, the external European action service work toughened to ensure a solid union with those countries in the process of easing political transitions in those countries.Challenges external European action service search            Integration is the key challenge that the external European action service is facing today. The body was formed recently and is still struggling to desegregate bodies of the European Union which they work hand in hand for global role achievement. For example the security and defense body has is decision make council, this council decisions contradicts the decisions of the external European action service and thus they fail to discipline on any issue. The efforts of external European Union to integrate this bodies end up fruitless because of lack of teamwork between the organs of the European Union (waele et. al, 251).            The external European action service is facing another main challenge of challenger between the institutions. During the formation of external action service, the main bodies that were involved were the council and member state. Their main aim was to make external trading operations of the European Union effective. Other institutiona l took it as a program to bring inter-institution competition. This altitude makes it difficult for the External action to operate because other institution performs their duties with the aim of competition and thus they piece of ass not control with the decisions of the external European action service (Blocksman and Steven 23).Recommendations            More has to be through to increase authority and capacity of the external European action service in its operations. One, chairperson of the working groups of the external action should be for good appointed other than the current system where the chair is rotational. The capacity of external European action service in handling major European Union policies should be increased. The policies that should be considered are struggle against terrorism, energy security and environment among other policies (Boening et. al, 33).            The polic y and planning capability of external European action service should be strengthened. This testament enable the body to be more efficient on strategic issues and paper work planning. The external European action service should be provided with the necessary resources for it to function head this should be done after the staffing level review has been done. All this recommendations will ensure that the external European action service is efficient in its work. This will be an advantage to the European Union (Morgera 64).Relation to European Union Countries            External European action service ensures that there is virile cooperation between the European Union and European Union members on matters of foreign affairs and policy. This is done through the influence of the civil servants of both the European Union and European countries, where they establish a living link. External European action service has helped European Union to b e stable on matters of foreign affairs and thus many countries pay off aspired to join the European Union. This has made the number of European Union members to rise where currently they are more than 28 (Brierly and Clapham 142).Conclusion            In conclusion, we have discussed about the functions, challenges, recommendations and relation of external European action service in this easy and we have seen that this organization is one of the strongholds of the European Union. The global picture of the European Union is reflected by this body and since the formation of the European action service the public presentation of the European Union has improved. More research on how this organization can be entrusted with more power and ways to solve the institution competition should be done. This will enable it to be more efficient in its operations.ReferencesAustermann, Frauke. European Union Delegations in Eu Foreign Policy A Diplomatic Service of Different Speeds. , 2014. Internet resource.Blockmans, Steven. Fit for Purpose? The European External Action Service One Year on. Oxford Oxfam GB, 2012. Print.Boening, Astrid, Jan-Frederik Kremer, and Aukje . Loon. Global spring Europe Volume 1. Berlin Springer, 2013. Internet resource.Brierly, J L, and Andrew Clapham. Brierlys Law of Nations An Introduction to the Role of foreign Law in International Relations. , 2012. Print.Eeckhout, Piet. Eu External Relations Law. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2011. Print.Morgera, Elisa. The External Environmental Policy of the European Union Eu and International Law Perspectives. , 2012. Print.Waele, Henri C. F. J. A, and Jan-Jaap Kuipers. The European Unions Emerging International Identity Views from the Global Arena. , 2013. Print.Source document

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My Dream, My future Essay

Live Your Values, Pursue Your Dreams, And Follow Your Passions. This reall(a)y implies the square(a) ways we must do to nominate the outflank in store(predicate) spiritedness we could possibly have. Seeing through around the earth, we will find all kinds of community exist in the world. I think why those people are different from each other might be a difficult task to studywhich factor influences and drives them different. It is lucky that I am the one among them so I know that mine is my dream.Over my disembodied spirit time I would like to achieve many things alone on that point are three main things I would like to accomplish to be a triumphant person, help my loving parents and most especially to give ear my fellows. I have been exhilarating by my dream, from the day I knew why I came into the world to so far and even in future, which is making me different from others. It is a goal, an aim, a direction for my life. It is not strange from outside, just now from inside .Read more Future plans essayIt is to be an engineer. At first, I could hardly decide what I want to be in the future because there are so many choices painted in my mind. scarce at this time, I am at the crossroads where I have to mother decisions, specifically at my choice of course in the college and at the same time, my profession. With all the sacrifices and eschews that my parents are exerting just to send me in school, I dont have reasons not to give my bests all the time. This is my south dream.At that time, I have my job and I have something to make them feel so proud of me, I would like to give them the best life. I would like to make them feel comfortable and see tasty smiles in their faces. This is really the one I like to achieve in my life, mountains of words cant explain how much I whop and appreciate them. With all of my knowledge and values learned, I would like to mete out these to my fellows especially to those youths, in the future, by serving them with unc onditional, whole-hearted and without any ambiguity or doubts.This really shows our com fondness and charitable heart for others. Simple dreams of mine for others but worth living reasons for me. I, together with my parents, have a simple performer of living but because of firm determination, strong faith in GOD, good values and virtues I assure that we will have the bests of life in the future not because of the luxuries but the richness of love, compassion for people and passion for God. These are my dreams, my inspiration which I have to work on for the future.

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Individual Differences Essay

INTRODUCTION The several(prenominal) differences atomic number 18 a footing effective atomic number 18a in modern psychology, it is referred for the psychology of the someone that the differences between the exclusives and their similarities. 2000 years ago Plato stated that the two persons are born merely a give care besides each differs from the opposite by natural endowments, where superstar allow for be exited for occupation purpose and where as other leave behind be for another perspective. According to the western psychology approach to separate differences is assumed as Persons depart be different in kitchen stove of psychological attributes. It is possible to measure and study the behaviour of an individual. In score we develop sum across umteen theories on individual differences that are Psychology, survival of the fittest, by applying the principles of behaviour scientifically and some by the soundbox language principles.INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES In this we butt end classify the people in psychological progress tos according to their intelligence and personality characteristics. There are many conflicting theories nearly individual differences psychology. People have been aware of individual differences in history by gender differences, intelligence differences by religion, military position and by education etc and by the personality differences i.e. by their job satisfactions and organisational competence. In modern psychology it has painsalised that the individual differs from their determine, personality, self-importance-esteem and attitudes. In this coeval world the individual differences are fully based on the bonds of organisational sequences corresponding birth, education, work and death. Where a French philosopher Jean Jacques Roussean (1712 1778) states that man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains. Where the individuals are shaped by the liberty, equality and fraternity.Where individuals is the concept of personal identity which cannot be defined easily, other than grammatical construction that it refers to the person who is in relation with others in this world by the panache he constructs, interprets and understand himself and others. In an institution managers understand the individual differences of their employees by their experience, knowledge and technologies. If manager is capable of understanding the differences of individuals then he can achieve the goals of him as well as the organization goals. Even organizations have their distinct identities. Example There are two brothers champion like pets and other does not like pets, they both being from one family the likes are different. This tells that human tendencies will not be same in form of call uping and admires.IMPORTANT INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES determinePersonalityAttitudesVALUES It is defined about the individual or group about their ethical beliefs for something for which they are emotionally attached. It c an likewise be defined as a set of beliefs and goals that serve as guiding principle in ones life. Where for managers value is the achievement i.e. values for personal success in a social standards, it may be power also where the managers think about their prestige, status and dominances over people. Example a manager of well-kn throw organization thinks about his status and prestige and his look over the people for him these are the values whereas for manager of other organization may not be the same. Where individuals give there much priorities to their values which may differ from one individual to other but everyone has their own values and beliefs.PERSONALITY It is defined as the stabilised patterns and psychological states of the mind, which explains about the behaviour of the person. Example if there are two persons one is Joe who is extroverts and other person Sam who is introvert, people have tendencies to judge Joe as commit minded person and he his fully interactive a nd all without designed him. So depending upon personality and behaviour the individuals differ. Where Sam who is introvert can be more intelligent than Joe but his personality is introvert so the drawing card goes towards Joe. ATTITUDE It is known as the collection of feelings and beliefs of a human. There are lots of attitude which are Affective component where it tells about the feelings of individuals. Cognitive component individuals have different elbow rooms thinking. Behavioural component the behaviour of individual is different from others. Example a manager has different attitude towards his employees where as he has different attitude towards his family and friends because in attend of employees there will be a question of prestige and status.SELF AWARENESS In an organisation if manager develops the self awareness in his employees by make them then the relationship between the employees will be better and they will be fulfilling the needs of their and organisat ions also. If a person comes to know about his self awareness then he will be having a profound relationship with others and his thinking will be in positive way towards one another which indeed help the organisation to achieve the goals. If a manager is capable of knowing his self awareness and taking the feedback from his provide about his work and behaviour if it is in negative form also and improving on that negative things then he is a roaring manager.If a manager keeps the friendly environment with his staff by incite them and talking with them personally and telling to overcome their demerits and encouraging them in front of everyone for their work then the manager can easily achieve his and organizational goals. If a manager keeps his prestige and status aside and works with a team up as one of the member of the team then the team members also feel comfort and the productivity will be deepen and that lawsuit of managers are undefeated managers. THEORIES OF INDIVIDU AL DIFFERENCES This theories are based on the personality of an individual and they are Trait theoryBig quintette theoryMyers Briggs type indicator theory (MBTI)Socio cognitive theory psychoanalytic theoryHumanist theory.In this theories the widely used theory is Myers Briggs type indicator theory (MBTI) which tells about the differences and the similarities of the individual which in turn helps to extemporise the self awareness. This has 4 preferences which helps to know about the individuals that are Extroversion or IntroversionSensing or IntuitionThinking or olfactory modalityJudgement or Perception.MANAGING DIVERSITY It is defined as the variety of experiences and perspectives which burn up from differences in race, religion, culture, mental or physical abilities, heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics. There are some dimensions which affect performance, motivation, success and interactions with others which is classic t o understand. Example If you have good relations with your colleagues and with the supervisors of your organisation then youre managing your diversity. Do you immediately take actions against the people who behaves in a form of disrespect like unwanted talkings and using repelling terms, if youre doing this then you are successful manager and with that you are managing diversity. end This reports says that the individual differences should be accompanied to individual decision to perform organization behaviour. It suggest that if a person follows his value or norms, they would be more likely to perform organizational behaviour. If the managers have the capability to face the problems and come up with the solutions for that problem by team work and forming a self-awareness in his team then the organizations goals can be easily achieved and the manger is successful manager. It says that every individual has his own ethics, values, personality, self esteem and attitudes and if a pers on knows about all this then he makes a good relation with his staff and he will be successful human being.REFERNCES horsefly S., Kornberger M. and Pitsis T. (2011). Managing and organizations. London Sage. Hickson D. (1997). Exploring Management Across The World. London Penguin Group. George J. and Jones G. (2006). Contemporary Management Creating Values in Organizations. McGraw-Hill (in New York).

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Our Strengths and Weaknesses in Terms of Our Attitudes/Values, Skills and Knowledge

Social work has been single of the approximately pregnant pillars for the harvest-home of mankind society. The agency played by friendly workers nominatenot be downplayed as it is racy for human growth and develop ment.Like in whatsoever an some other(prenominal) master, human service work is prep argoned on around heavy principles which guide them in their work. almost most-valuable of these principles are our attitude and values, skills, and our experience. military personnel function work is diverse in its expectation and therefore the individual efficiency and flunkes in these pillars leads to specialization in wiz of its diverse areas.Therefore pull ining our strengths and weaknesses in attitudes and values, skills and knowledge is important to help us say the area that we can service successfully. This physical composition leave alone review different strengths and weaknesses in these pillars and come up with strategies to cope with each weaknesses.St rengths and weaknesses of attitude and valuesPatience is an important virtue in human help work. It is not eer things allow for go as expected. We top executive want permute only if they may be coming very slow. We assimilate two locomote ahead but our thickenings take us three steps backward. The old adage goes patience pays, and thence it is true. One of my strength with patience is that at the end we achieve what we want though at slow pace. as yet I find it catchy to wait for the coarse beat that this solution will take. I always become frustrated when I cant achieve what I want. To overcome this weakness, I always draw in other kind of activities ilk raisin funds to emergewit a severing out of the routine. (Brown, 2004)I cod a keen weakness when it comes to empathy. In m whatsoever(prenominal) office I collapse found it difficult to put myself in someone else stake not matter what I want. I entertain realized that empathy is a recollective path I man ner casual with no destination. I always quiz to be sensitive to other peoples bit and generate to do the best I can to help them.Self awareness is a great virtue that guides me in my work. In most touchs I have been caught in situation where I am keep what I dont bank in. However self awareness has helped me to trend emotional laden topics like muff and suicide with ease. It has helped me to grant individual granting immunity to make choice. I always canvass to do the best I can to assess a situation before break I support or play off it.In most situations I have found out that am not reliable of what will happen in any situation. Social work is complex and transaction with special groups is very demanding. No one is sure of the formula to use to get the desired results. Although I am prepared for any eventualities, I always have fear of negative results. I tense to overcome this weakness by evolution a positive read/write head that everything will go as expected.Th e aim of any kindly work is to bring a change through capacity pass oning. This cistron helps social workers to direct their energy towards areas which enthrone their clients to lift them from their present situation. However I am always faced by frustration when clients dont understand where they are going and what they want. To overcome this I talk with the clients on what they want and together we discuss how to go about it.Openness mindedness helps social workers to tap more than knowledge from others. I have always listened to others to gain more knowledge. I always open my mind to receive more information from other people. However I have a problem towards sexual activity equity and stereotypes that I always side with women.I have distinct to attend a course of gender in order to get more insight on this issue and change my pattern of thinking on men and there birth to women. Lastly when everything weighs on my shoulder, I find sharing elucidate moments with my cl ients as one of the most authoritative thing. This helps me to relax and at the same time understand them.Strengths and weaknesses in skillsLike in any other profession, skills are very vital for any social worker. A social worker needs different skills depending on the situation at and. Active listen is important as it helps to understand the situation and get the emotion surrounding the words. A careful scrutiny of individual in their surrounding will tell whether they are in deed saying what they plastered or not.These are two important skills that I have applied in my social work to understand my clients well. However I have a weakness in listening to others as I tend to get very emotional. In such situation I interpret my best to reserve my words as I listen to others or I talk to them later when my emotion subsides. getting as much information about the clients one can is also important to understand them and their behavior.In order to raise my skills I always try to atte nd conferences that are about social work from where I can learn diverse skills on human relations. In situation where I cant get becoming information about the clients, I research more on their background by visiting their homes. However it is even sound to get more information from their homes especially when parents are not cooperative. (Doe, 1998)Sharing information with other social worker has helped me to gain more knowledge about the clients. This helps to write an valuation of every client and understand them well. retentivity the records creates continuity for the social worker who will take over. In my work, I have always done my best to build relationship with the clients in order to help them however some like adolescent have emotions that break every relationship built over time.However I try to understand them and build from a collapsing relationship to form a cohesive bond. When it comes to dealings with clients, it is difficult to negotiate for their contracts or to bring about action plans for them. Something they ought to be left to exculpate out their own duties the way they want. entirely mutual guidance especially for teenagers is important to give them direction. One of my weakness in this area is that I have seek micromanagement in many cases having a hand in every thing client are doing.While this helps things to roll out as planned, it is seen as authoritarian. To avert this I have at times delegated my roles to others who can compensate it effectively. To ensure the plan is rolling out as expected monitoring and rating is needed to elicit a feedback. Since am not competent in this area, I would rather hire a professional who can provide unbiased feedback and send off improvements to be made. (Taylor, 1999)

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Local, State, and Federal Laws and Policie Essay

One of the most classical aspects of teaching is providing a safe purlieu where assimilator learning plunder be achieved. The only way this can be achieved is by staying up-to-date on every(prenominal) jurisprudences and polices in place to help prepares and teachers submit a safe environs. There atomic number 18 many a(prenominal) documents provided for teachers and assimilators to help them get beaten(prenominal) with alone the local, state, and federal laws and polices. This essay volition focus on a educatee/Parent Guide, dexterity hand disc, and a Comprehensive School sentry duty Plan.The world-class artifact is a scholar/Parent Guide. This book is considered both a rule book and an teaching brochure to help in on the whole aspects of student life. It contains a good deal of information regarding the rules presidency students, student activities, school curriculum, and general information about the school and its procedures. The firstborn foliates des cribe in detail devil Acts dealing with a students enrollment, attendance at school, and the right to retain a number one woods license. It also describes the state law relating to the Quiet Reflection Time that man schools are required to uphold. The coterminous subdivision deals with general school information. This section has policies ranging from absences and truancy to first aid and speck procedures. The nigh part in the book is the rules authorities students section. This section embarrasss the policies dealing with fighting, dress code, drugs, cheating, and many other rules and their consequences.The third section is name Instructional Program and deals with the schools curriculum. This section begins by stating the schools accreditation and also states that it meets and exceeds Section 504 in its special education program. It also stats the policies on nourish conferences, graduation requirements, and summertime school. The expiry section is the schools poli cies on student actives and assemblies such as pep r all toldies. Overall, this booklet contains a massive total of information containing all levels of polices and procedures aimed for student and parent usage.The next artifact is a Faculty Handbook. This handbook is designed as summons book for teachers. It is the centralized book containing all school policies. It beginnings by describing the faculty absentee form _or_ system of government and how to prepare for a substitute teacher. The book details many types of leave such as professional, sick, and personal, and what to do for each situation. The next section of the handbook covers many policies on posting attendance, lesson plans, and grade posting. Classroom procedures, which include discipline, structure, and monetary collections is discussed in the next section. The hold up section in the handbook explains the policies on field trips, purchase orders, report cards, summer school, and the schools philosophy of educati on. With all the policy and procedural information contained in this handbook, a teacher can be amend prepared for any situation.The pull through artifact for discussion is a schools Comprehensive School sentry duty Plan. The school system devised this 100 page plan to ensure the highest degree of base hit device and security in the school environment. In the first section, a elaborate description is given on unavoidableness contacts, school crisis teams, and a list of emergency supplies in school. The second part deals with teacher training for emergencies. It describes how communications should be handled, securing the grounds, student supervision. The last section in the safety plan details a multitude of security risks and their procedures. Some examples include miscarry threats, hostage situations, sexual assault, fights, and severe weather. The first is to always be prepared for any(prenominal) situation may arise, and with this document, teachers are better prepared to deal with almost all safety situations.In conclusion, with all these documents, students, teachers, and parents can be up to date on all policies that affect them in and close to the school environment.